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The Paria and Grand Canyons – Memorial Day Adventures

  Some adventures have to be recorded and hiking Paria Canyon in Southern Utah is one of them.  It’s time

Camping with the Cabradillas

When Tim and I come back to Jackson, there is no better way to spend a weekend then camping in

Arizona April

Back to the blog! We’ve had some interest in our tales from the blue Caribbean but first we want to

Out Like a Lamb

As Tim and I drove west, the long days and damp weather in Austin took it’s toll.  Lisa and Carli

In Like a Lion

March, Tim’s favorite month, is always a welcome arrival.  With March comes Basketball Madness, SXSW, birthdays, friends and St. Patty’s

AZ January

Desert living is good.  After much searching, Tim and I found the perfect trifecta – free peaceful, desert camping with

2012: A Good Start to the New Year

Not a bad New Year’s Day! A Bike Ride: A Tarheel Win:

How in the world did we end up in Canada? The Hurricane Leg…

As we pull into Victoria Harbor this afternoon after a day of sailing on a sunny 30 degree day, Tim

“Montana. It’s everything Colorado thinks it is.”

And so we continue our Montana escapades.  After the honeymoon, Tim and I settled down to clean the inboxes and