Ski On – Life before a Pandemic

Back when the world was innocent and the idea of an entire world shutting down due to a virus was

429aPalooza – Keeping the Traditions Alive

For 15 years, the prior residents of 429 Scotland Street, Williamsburg VA gather for a seminal event – 429apalooza. Through

Back to the Mountains

We landed in Salt Lake City on Wednesday and logged 3 ski days at 3 different resorts by Monday. Solitude,

St. Paul's Cathedral

Scotland – Cathedrals & Red Shoes

Our final full day in the UK was to be a full tour of Britain. “Bright” and early, we arrived

Loch An Eilein Castle

Scotland – Boxing Day

After an amazing Christmas (including a late night raucous game of Cards against Humanity), Tim and Nick decided to clear

Scotland – Christmas Time

By Christmas Eve, Jodie, Nick’s girlfriend had arrived. We had sailed for a week with Nick and Jodie in September

Ruthven Barracks

Scotland – Exploring the Highlands

Our first few days in Scotland were for exploring. With the sun almost shining, it was a great time for

Scotland – Expect the Unexpected

“The gladdest moment in human life is a departure into unknown lands.” Sir Richard Burton The next morning, we needed

Chelsea is renowned for its many unique shops. We passed by stores dedicated to doorknobs, faucets as well as this glowing chandelier shop.

London – The Finer Things

After 2 days of exploration on the streets of London and beyond, we planned a day of staying closer to

London – Christie Zen Tours

After a late night, we were back at it early for Day 2 of our London Experience. We had decided