429aPalooza – Keeping the Traditions Alive

For 15 years, the prior residents of 429 Scotland Street, Williamsburg VA gather for a seminal event – 429apalooza. Through the years, the themes have changed but the fun always remains. From Blizzardpalooza, Sundancapalooza, Timebombapalooza, Bajapalooza, to Jacksonpalooza, every year is a little different and 2020 was no exception.

This year, Tim’s 50th birthday was right around the corner and 25 of our closest friends were planning to gather in Las Vegas for a mayhem-filled March Madness event. In preparation for that, two of the core guest roster stayed home. This, plus the sale of Deer Valley Drive Palooza Headquarters, meant it would be a very different year.

Though the celebration was smaller, we kept the traditions alive. The snow was excellent, the music was weird, the football was great and a good time was had by all….then disaster struck…

Fresh off the plane – a location shift to SLC means that we get to enjoy a favorite – the famed Red Iguana.
Yet another epic picture of Mr. James Shell. Night one, we broke out the quarters for some poker – getting ready for Vegas.
The Friday of Palooza always starts with a trip to Alta.
The obligatory morning Alta parking lot beer.
The Boys of Scotland Street
Saturday skiing under bluebird skies at Deer Valley – another Palooza tradition.
Deer Valley Palooza Shot – the absent hens are sorely missed.
Mary Lynn and ski coach, James Shell
Tequila Face
Happy Hour at Deer Valley
Saturday night, our crew was looking sharp as we headed to dinner at the Purple Sage and a night of Naughty by Nature.
Walking down the stairs is fine, but climbing back after a long night is a whole different story. This picture is dedicated to one of our absent regulars, Shorty.
Purple Sage – that’s the smile of a girl who knows that a plate of Purple Sage Meatloaf is on the way.
Park City Live welcomed Naughty by Nature – it was a raucous crowd of surprisingly passionate Park City fans. Who knew NBN still had it in them.
NBN Finale – the VIPS are invited on stage – weird that they didn’t ask us?
This is what it looks like after you climb Shorty’s Stairs.
Super Bowl Festivities!
Super Bowl Party. The Cabradillas, Marcie and Charlie joined us for a great game.
Monday Morning and the snow starts to fall. Weiser and Tim decide to squeeze in a morning of skiing at Alta before Weiser and Dave have to catch a flight home at 2 pm.
Tim skis Wildcat Face. The snow was deep but not quite enough to cover the obstacles beneath…
A hidden mogul jumped up and bit Weiser.
Broken Wrist
The famed Dr. Ken of Alta ensured Weiser felt no pain.
Sometimes it comes together. Miraculously they made the flight….broken wrist and all.

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