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Who are we? We’re Tim and Mary Lynn Bradshaw, two longtime residents of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Tim began his days in Virginia, where he grew up, caused a lot of mischief, and eventually graduated from William & Mary in 1992. After college, he hopped in his truck and wound his way across the States until he hit Jackson Hole where he knew he’d found a home. Since those days 2 decades ago, he’s filled his time biking, hiking, fishing, watching UNC basketball games, skiing, taking pictures and running AllTrips, a company focused on travel websites in the Greater Yellowstone area.

Mary Lynn stumbled upon Jackson a year later than Tim. She is a West Virginia transplant in Jackson Hole. After a long drive West, it just took one look at the Tetons and she was hooked. She’s since spent her years in Jackson as a ski bum, bartender, restaurant manager, financial analyst, and now owner of 9 Cloud Web Works. She loves to fish, ski, cook, swim and ramble around in the mountains.

In 2007, we bought Frank the Tank, a 2004 Sportsmobile E350, and then in 2009, hit the road for a year-long road trip.  After many miles of stories and pictures, we arrived back to Jackson where we realized that life in one place wasn’t for us.   Since then, we sold our van (worst move ever), and bought Rocinante, a 40-foot Passport sailboat (best move ever), and later Jackie Moon, a 2000 Sportsmobile shorty E350 (recovery from mistake #1).   

We’ve continued our travels around the country, and now around the continent, spending part time on the road, on the water, and back at home in Jackson Hole. Originally we blogged every day, thus the title, but now we limit it to if there is something interesting to say.   Subscribe in the footer if you’d like to stay in touch!


Jackie Moon taking care of us in Revelstoke BC


Rocinante sailing the Chesapeake on a beautiful September day.

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  1. Melinda

    January 3, 2008 at 12:35 pm

    Mary Lynn,
    I am impressed with your insights and your writing skills. Seems as though this writer-want-to-be has already arrived!

  2. Dad & Lisa

    July 21, 2008 at 7:50 pm

    Mary Lynn, Tim, and Frank the Tank:

    We love the excitement and all the wonderful adventures we get to share with you in this blog!!!!! It helps us experience so many new and great experiences through both of your eyes…..and of course Tim’s awesome camera lens.

    Always looking forward to the new “Daze” update!!!!


  3. Phil Hansen

    November 25, 2008 at 2:24 pm

    You met my wife Carlene last summer in Targee. She is working at Boise State (go Broncos!), Boise State wants to expand her knowledgebase with her growing computer skills. I think the word “Empowered” excited her!

    Anyway, she was reading your blog and saw that you were looking for guinea pigs and she wanted me to link you two to investigate possibilities.

    You have my address. Her work address is

    We are assuming BJ is in New Zealand now getting his communication stuff established. I am looking forward to him and Lisa keeping up their blog!

    Take care,

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