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Who are we? We’re Tim Bradshaw and Mary Lynn Wilmore, two long time residents of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Tim began his days in Virginia, where he grew up, caused a lot of mischief, and eventually graduated from William & Mary in 1992. After college, he hopped in his truck and wound his way across the States until he hit Jackson Hole where he knew he’d found a home. Since those days 14 years ago, he’s filled his time biking, hiking, fishing, watching UNC basketball games, skiing, taking pictures and running Vertical Media, a company focused on travel web sites in the Greater Yellowstone area.

Mary Lynn stumbled upon Jackson a year later than Tim. She is a West Virginia transplant in Jackson Hole. After a long drive West, it just took one look at the Tetons and she was hooked. She’s since spent her years in Jackson as a ski bum, financial analyst and currently an IT consultant/writer-want-to-be. She loves to fish, ski, bike and swim and together over the past year we’ve both learned that we love to travel and be outdoors. This blog fulfills her passion for writing and there’s going to be lots of practice as she posts a blog every day of the year during 2008.

DSC_2376 The newest chapter in this story is Frank the Tank. Frank is a 4 wheel drive Sportsmobile and the love of Tim and Mary Lynn’s life. With Frank, we intend to travel the country, experiencing all that we can while hopefully making this a much more interesting blog than it might be if we stayed at home! Enjoy!