Ski On – Life before a Pandemic

Back when the world was innocent and the idea of an entire world shutting down due to a virus was the stuff of science fiction, Tim and I decided that we’d dedicate our winter to getting the most out of our Ikon Passes. With 12 inch snow falls each morning, there was no excuse to make the most of a great snow year.

We skied a few more days in Utah before traveling back to Jackson for the month of February. From Glory hikes to first trams, we got our money’s worth.

Someone has a sense of humor.
Back in Jackson, our coyote neighbor was a regular morning visitor.
First Tram on a powder day.
Sunrise in the tramline.
Heading to Rendezvous Bowl.
Staring down the gut of Corbet’s Couloir. Almost a ski in. Still scary as it can be.
Skiing wasn’t our only passtime. Tim heads out on the fat bike.
The morning sunrises are spectacular. Thank you Ann and Scott!
Climbing Glory at sunrise.
It’s so good when you get to the top.
A new favorite meal. Valentines Day Chicken, prepared by Chef Tim Bradshaw.
It wasn’t all skiing and biking though. We also planned and prepared for the big 50th Bash. AARP wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to welcome Tim.

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  1. John

    June 2, 2020 at 4:37 am

    Having fun!

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