Scotland – Exploring the Highlands

Our first few days in Scotland were for exploring. With the sun almost shining, it was a great time for touring.


The Hunting Lodge at Castleairy is the portion of the Old Milton estate now owned by Nick and Gay.

Moss coats everything, including the woodshed at Castleairy.
Yogi and Boo

We couldn’t leave without bringing Yogi and Boo, Nick’s flatcoated retrievers who love people and the outdoors.

Morning selfie at the Barracks

Our first stop was Ruthven Barracks, just a few minutes from Castleairy.

Built by George II’s government in the early 1700s after the failed Jacobite uprising of 1715, the troops stationed there were to maintain law and order and enforce the Disarming Act of 1716.

The Barracks saw action twice. A 300-strong Jacobite attack failed to take the Barracks in 1745, but a more heavily-armed attack the next year forced the barracks’ surrender. The Jacobites rallied here after their defeat at Culloden before conceding.

Nick giving a tour of the family’s history and estate.
High above Kingussie
Uath Lochen

Uath Lochen – The Scottish forest – The consistencies of the trees made us think this would be a great customized jigsaw puzzle. Perhaps 5000 pieces? Click for more pictures of our explorations.

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Tim and Mary Lynn overlooking the Uath lakes in the Scottish Highlands.

After a full day, we ducked into the Pub on the shores of Loch Insh (pronounced “inch”). Tim and I each ordered a thick steak of maple bacon and a duck egg. Neither of us could resist.. or share!

A late lunch
Bacon Scottish-style. If only all bacon could be this good…
Our evening nightcap – Nick’s favorite Scotch distilled at the Speyside Distillery is Murdocks Perfection. This bottle was aged in casks for 15 years and bottled in 1994, now a 41 year old Scotch.

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