Scotland – Boxing Day

After an amazing Christmas (including a late night raucous game of Cards against Humanity), Tim and Nick decided to clear their heads with another bike ride. Castleairy is surrounded by the Cairngorms National Park and Tim and Nick could start their exploring right out the back door.

The backyard woods of Castleairy. At 57N, this is as high as the sun gets at noon.
We had unexpected sun for Boxing Day – The backyard of the Hunting Lodge at Castleairy.
The summit of the Craeg Dhubh on our mountain bike ride out of the back door of Castleairy.
Nick discovers some seriously good mountain biking.
Getting after it in the Drumguish forest.

Tim’s turn…

Then Nick demonstrates how it’s done…

While the boys went for the muddy option, Jodie and I had a more mellow afternoon hiking around Loch an Eilein. We were searching for the Castle of the Wolf of Badenoch, Scotland’s Vilest Man?

Loch an Eilein Castle
Loch An Eilein – there is a Castle in those shadows

Following their bike ride, Nick and Tim rode back to Loch Insh, our favorite local pub. We met them there and tasted the local whiskey and Haggis Bon Bons.

Souvenirs Purchased! Nick introduced us to the local Brew.
Loch Insh – Our favorite dining spot – Haggis Bon Bons are on the menu.
Celebrating our last night in Scotland
For dinner, we realized the kilts needed to come out. That’s Lord Gordon, Earl of Huntly, the Cock o’ the North in the background.

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