London – The Finer Things

After 2 days of exploration on the streets of London and beyond, we planned a day of staying closer to home.  We decided to visit Harrods of London to see what an extra million dollars can buy you.   

Going to Harrods three days before Christmas ensured we’d get some amazing people watching opportunities as well.  

Walking towards the bus, we passed Hanging Gardens of Chelsea – outside each balcony is a vertical garden growing greens and herbs.
Harrods takes up an entire city block – (photo credit to

Our next stop was the iconic Harrods of London – a store where nearly anything can be purchased. Custom helicopter? $1,250,000 Harry Winston necklace? The sky is literally the limit…

Harrod’s Shoe Heaven. Even a mountain girl could be tempted. Perhaps not practical on a boat or a hiking trail, but these Pradas are too cool.
Gucci Hikers. The snake must add extra traction.
Tim and Nick found the Tech section more interesting. This $40K Gaming Pod would make any gamer’s day.
Waking up can be hard, but Tim wouldn’t mind this coffee making alarm clock.
24K gold framed – this is possibly the world’s most expensive TV
A few more TV details. Though we all agreed, the picture wasn’t that great….AND it’s not even Apple compatible!

After Harrods, we went back downtown for a few errands. We were on the search for a Christmas panettone and to return Tim’s new Apple keyboard. We realized that the British version wouldn’t have a dollar sign. On the way, we stopped into Covent Gardens at Punch and Judy’s Pub (established in 1787). On the way, we saw a few more sites.

London street art. This little mini wasn’t going anywhere with this tree.
Covent Garden’s 55 foot live Christmas Tree. A beautiful sendoff on our last evening in London before Christmas.

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