Crossing the Line – August on Journey

OK, I know that the blog is getting confusing as far as time due to some very delayed posting…BUT here is where we pick with August’s adventures!

Friday 8/3, we began our first full day in Seattle in downtown Ballard, getting the last of our work done before taking off sailing for the next 10 days.  While we worked away, the Blue Angels soared over the town practicing routines for the weekend’s SeaFair.  I did take some time out to watch aerial loopdeeloops and also stumbled across the best sandwich EVER.  Other Coast’s Ragin’ Cajun with spicy turkey, pepper jack cheese, red onions on incredible homemade bread.  It’s a must do in Seattle.

After our day’s work, we checked out Dutch Bikes – bicycle shop, bar and coffee shop.  While we sat on the sidewalk, enjoying a happy hour beer, the Cycle Saloon pedaled by.  There is just so much to love about Seattle.


That night we returned to the boat and got to finally meet our 2nd boatmate for the next 2 weeks, Andy’s girlfriend, Demeree. 1 hour of laughter later it was perfectly obvious that we were all going to get along beautifully.


Getting Journey ready to Sail


The next morning was spent with shopping and boat prep. We finally set sail around 3:00 pm and tacked our way up the Puget Sound towards Port Ludlow. We dropped anchor in the dark in a peaceful cove just in time for grilled salmon.


Racing the cruise ships out of the Sound


Amazing Mt Baker Views


Andy and I – sailing away


Hard to beat sunset on a boat


Headed North


Sunday we woke to no wind, so we motored towards Stewart Island in the San Juans.  I got a chance to do some driving of the boat which was the first stage of my improved sailing self confidence.


Seals keep an eye on us


Andy is in his element


Under motor ,Andy and Demeree fix some plumbing


Um excuse me…IS THAT WATER IN OUR BOAT!?!  Not to worry, the leak is quickly fixed


Blue Bird Sailing


Kayakers off of San Juan Island


Lunch Time


Motoring around San Juan


Lime Kiln


Lime Kiln Light House


When we arrived to Stewart Island, we rafted up with a fellow Catalina 42, Blue Fin – sailed by Wendy and Allen.  We also joined Dan and Billy and their incredibly gorgeous Taswell.  Their spectacular boat reset the standard by which we will judge all other sailboat.  We all gathered around, enjoyed a dinner of Pad Thai and relaxed during a beautiful sunset.  Wrap up with our theme desert, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, it’s good living.


Pad Thai at Sunset


The next morning, we were bound for Canada.  We were enroute to Sydney BC to check into customs.  A prime Bouchart Gardens mooring was our goal and we knew that we needed to arrive early for one of the coveted spaces.  While we were in customs, we got a chance to see the famed Janice of Wyoming Super Yacht.  This spectacular 130 foot boat was very impressive, even more so since it’s from our home state!


Stewart Island


Andy waits at Customs


Crossing the Bridge to Canada!


And they mean it


The Massive Janice of Wyoming


Wyoming Tribute


We know we’re in Canada now!




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