Birthdays, Bears and Mice

After our 4th of July festivities, we were glad for some down time before the next weekends big doin’s. Dana and Dave generously opened their doors and we settled into their downstairs apartment for the week. It was an easy routine of work, dinner with D&D, checking out Dave’s ongoing progress rewiring his Bronco and sleep. By Thursday we had recharged and were ready for more fun. The 4 of us piled into Stan the Tan Van and drove over the hill to Music on Main in Victor.


Lulu’s Favorite Pastime


Throughout the summer the town populations of Victor, Jackson and Driggs converge on Victor Town Square for live music and community social time. While I can’t tell you what who the band was, the food, drink and conversation were great!


Mr. Shell Arrives


It was the first of our late nights. On Friday, Jimmie Shell came to Jackson and we were ready to start kicking it up a notch for Dana’s birthday weekend. The big day was on Saturday, but we started the festivities early with dinner at the Bistro. The next morning, we had gluten free pound cake with key lime frozen yogurt for breakfast before heading to the Farmer’s Market on Jackson Town Square. We met up with Dana’s friend Stephanie and toured the stalls, purchasing flowers, tomatos and a chocolate torte for the birthday dinner.


Happy Birthday to Dana!


After 2nd breakfast at the Virginian, we packed up Frank drove south of town for fishing. Jimmie Shell hadn’t been fishing for years so we drove to Dave’s favorite secret spot on the Hoback to see what we could pluck out of the water. What we found was more than good fishing! A big Black Bear checked us out from the opposite bank in the rain.


Fishin’ Time




Dave has some luck


Who you lookin’ at?


That evening it was time for Thai. Dana, Dave, Jimmie, Tim and I met up with a party of friends for big birthday celebrations, a smorgasboard of delicious Thai food, friends and chocolate torte.


Happy Birthday Pillow


On Sunday, Jimmie Shell bid us farewell and Tim and I spent the afternoon scouring Frank inside and out. We had had some infiltrating mice and we decided enough was enough. We vaccuumed their nests, removed seats, cleaned poop and scrubbed floors. We bought traps, peppermint mouse repellant and set them everywhere. The next morning, we heard little giggles. The mice were laughing at us….


Frank gets a cleaning


Mouse Hunt

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