Happy Birthday America!

French Toast, Strawberries, Blueberries and Whipped Cream made up our colorful 4th of July breakfast bonanza with Dana and Dave. We followed up our first course with a walk to the Jackson Hole parade – a cavalcade of of rodeo princesses, cowboys and fire trucks. Once we’d celebrated in in JH style, Tim and I packed up fried chicken with all the fixings and drove down to Alpine to float Palisades lake with DC and Gina.  For the drive, we queued up Neil Diamond’s America and read the Declaration of Independence.  It’s a 4th of July tradition!

Boating Palisades with DC and Gina


Cruising up the Snake


It was a great day in the sun as we powered around the lake in DC’s cabin cruiser. We made it home for hot dogs and hamburgers but then Tim and DC were back out for an overnight float on the lake.  Thursday took a different turn and the beautiful streak of weather we’d had disappeared into the rain clouds. We holed up with DC and Gina for a second night for burgers and movies.


Frank from the Bow


The rain was much needed but we were glad for another beautiful day on Friday. Just in time to float the Snake with Bob, Clara and AllTrip’s new intern David. It was David’s first outing on the Snake and with Bob’s skillful rowing, we sailed through Big Kahuna, Lunch Counter Falls and Champagne Falls with perfect lines. Even Roxy, the poodle, endured the splashing with dignity.

Cap’n Bob


Snake River Floating


Dinner on the River


After an early morning float down the Salt River with Clara, Tim and I packed up Frank and returned to Jackson after our Alpine adventure. We had been searching for our perfect trifecta of cell service, biking and free camping near Jackson and so far had been unsuccessful. We were determined though and our next spot to test was the top of Teton Pass.

We drove Frank up Phillips Canyon and found a beautiful spot overlooking Jackson. Cell service wasn’t great, but the biking on Sunday made up for it. Despite the hail and rain, it was great riding as we headed down and back up the newly created Pass bike trails.

Though the afternoon was rainy, we celebrated the evening with a gorgeous sunset and a rousing rendition of 1776 the Musical (Tim patiently watched while I sang all the tunes).

Since we knew we’d need to be back in town for the Monday workday, we woke up early that morning for a 6:00 am pedal up Teton Pass. There is no better way to get the blood flowing. After a Pearl Street Breakfast Burrito, we settled in at Tim’s office for the day.

Dinner was served at Sam and Mareike’s where we had a meeting on our new mountain biking website and Pork Carnitas for dinner. It was our first chance to get to know little Lukas, Sam and Mareike’s 3 month old son. It was a huge treat topped off by chocolate peanut butter cups – a winning combination!

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