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Senor Diaz es el Diablo

We arrived to Gooseberry Mesa at 3 am on May 17th and were greeted by the entire Staebler family.  Sam,

Escape to Utah

After 3 days of biking and working at the Book Cliffs, Tim, Lisa and I packed up for a day

Fruita Rocks

It was dark and cold at midnight. Fires dotted the camps. And down by the lake, 87 bikers prepared for

18 Hours of Fruita

Two hours until our midnight start and then 18 hours worth of laps. A pre-ride of the course yielded this

Fruita Fat Tire

After a week in the mountain biking mecca of Fruita, CO, Tim and I are feeling like we’re home.  We

Sunshine and Sand

There’s nothing quite like waking up in the middle of the glowing red desert at sunrise. Saturday was a perfect


Tim and I wanted HOT and after 3 months of travel through semitropical climes, we finally found it in Arizona.  

Desert Geode

We met a fellow mountain biker this week who collects Geodes. Chris had been a jeweler for many years and

God Bless Texas

If Texas has seemed like the centerpiece theme for the last few posts…well it’s because it is. When you are