Palooza Bound

There is no better way to kick post "vacation" blues than to plan a party.

Continuing our winter reflections.  End of January and into February….

Once we got back to the US from our Canadian ski tour, Tim and I switched gears.  We’d just spent a month, just the two of us, exploring unknown places.  In the next week, we would be hosting twenty of our closest friends in Jackson Hole, our hometown.

It was time to get prepared…though not without at least one ski stop on the way.  After a snowy exit from Canada, with an unexpected overnight in Butte MT, we stopped into Bozeman for the quarterly AllTrips strategy meeting. 

Sushi night with AllTrips

It was a perfect excuse to steal Sidney and Sam Staebler for another Big Sky ski day.


We skied Big Sky from the top to the bottom.  It was hero snow and the powder gave us all energy. Our favorite lift was Powder Seeker – a big 6 person lift with a blue dome to protect you from the wind and heated seats.   Sure Tim and I talk a big game about living outside, but the luxury of heated seats is PRETTY OUTSTANDING.

Next we headed up Challenger and almost lost Sam when he didnt get off the lift, but he hopped off the other side (don’t try that at home) and salvaged the run.

Yeti Dogs are a ski day requirement. Hot Dog, with chili, cheese and Fritos are the favorite.

Apres Ski and Fries – Delish

After skiing and some fries, Sam and Sidney got on the bus back to Bozeman, a very convenient Big Sky amenity.  Tim and I then started to investigate evening entertainment at the resort.

Sure enough, Big Sky delivered.   We lucked out and happened to be there on the night of the second annual Ice Rave.  The resort had dug out a huge outdoor ice room with a DJ, gigantic speakers, bar and enough lights to be seen from Bozeman.  

We need more power! We watched as Big Sky hoisted another generator up the hill to the Ice Rave.

The entrance to the Rave. Pictures don’t do it justice.

Pictures didn’t do it justice so we shot some video instead: Ski Party

That night Big Sky loosened their no camping rule and Tim and I slept soundly in Jackie Moon, with access to the first lift the next morning.  That afternoon we drove to Jackson.  We just had 3 days to prepare for Palooza…


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