After 2 months of incredible Jackson summer, Tim and I got the itch for traveling again.  The next morning after  Augie and Holly’s party, we loaded the van and began driving north.  First stop was dinner with Tim’s partner Doug and his wife Bobbie at our favorite Signal Mountain Lodge.  Doug and Bobbie own a fishing lodge in Rio Pico in Northern Patagonia.   This area is unspoilt true frontier where gauchos reign.  Tim and I sat transfixed by their stories of huge trout and life with the rugged locals.  It’s a new destination for the bucket list.

That night we drove into Yellowstone for some overdue time in the woods.

We set up camp at Slough Creek Campground for the week.  It’s a rare combination of wilderness, cell service and world class fishing.

Peaceful Yellowstone


Same scene, different day


Bear Spray on the hip, I’m ready to go fishing


For the work days, we’d leave the campground and drive Frank to a bend on Slough Creek for optimal cell service and fishing access. When we returned on our second day, the camp host told us that bears had been ambling through our campsite.  It took two rangers and paintball guns to drive them through.  I’m sorry we’d missed the fun.

We had our own entertainment though.  After weeks of fighting the mouse wars in Frank, we discovered the perfect combination of peanut butter and cheese to lure them out.  The Great Mouse Massacre in Yellowstone will go down in history as week we turned the tide.  4 mice were sent to the gallows and we haven’t seen another since.  Perhaps it was the mice corpses that brought in the curious bears?


Got ’em


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