Bikes and more bikes

The mouse wars waged on. We left Dana and Dave’s and took Frank to Ann and Scott’s to catch up and celebrate Scott’s Birthday on the 16th of July. For us there was no better combo than El Abulitos and Margaritas.

After a delicious dinner, we joined Ann and Scott back at their house for 3 day of catching up with our Jackson family on Mallard Drive.

In between great dinners with Ann and Scott, Tim and I spent our time working and snapping photos for a new JH biking website.  Here are just a few:


Putt Putt with Jackson in the distance.  I could hear the band at Snow King from here.


I AM SO FAST  (or Tim’s a great photographer)


By Friday, it was time to head back to hills.  This time we were joined by BJ and Lisa for camping and burgers up Phillips Pass and more biking pics.


Paintbrush, sunshine and biking.  A fine Friday night!


Lisa rides high above Jackson Hole on Phillips Ridge


Rounding the Bend




BJ Big Air


We came out of the hills just in time to make it to Holly and Augie’s Engagement Party that night.  This was the reason we had stayed in Jackson through July.   They got engaged at Tim and my wedding. There was no way we were going to miss this party!

Last night in Jackson


Happy Engagement Holly and Augie!

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