Fishing and Fandango

After one night in 95 degree Moab, we quickly continued our trip north. Our next stop was Salt Lake to see Jimmie and Keri and meet Keri’s new nephew Otto. We picked up a bottle of High West Light and had a great night with Anna, Greg, Jimmie and Keri trading stories and eating the best Carne Asada in SLC from the Latino Mall.

One day later we finally made it back to Jackson where we moved into our apartment which wasn’t rented yet for the summer. We felt a bit lazy living in the lap of indoor luxury. We needed to get back in Frank and there was no better excuse than our buddy Dave Park’s birthday.

Dave is a fellow Sportsmobile aficionado so we packed up Frank and Stan and drove down to Granite Hot Springs for a birthday celebration.

Stan the Tan Van


Happy Birthday Dave! Compliments of Dana & Atelier Ortega


Time for presents


Lulu has her own contribution


Happy Birthday Kisses


After a night of chocolate, homemade french fries, bourbon over the campfire, and lots of Lulu kisses for us all, we settled in for a cool outdoor night’s sleep. The next day was time to break in Dave’s new birthday waders so warmed up our fishing skills in Granite Creek.


Stringing up the lines


Headed out for the slaughter


Results?  Well let’s just say those fish aren’t as stupid as they look. Ok, Ok…the fish outwitted us, we aren’t as smart as we think! With a great day in the sun behind us, we packed up and drove over the pass for dinner at the Cabradillas.

Tim, an amazing chef, never fails to impress. We ate pork cassoulet and had an awesome evening catching up with Tim, Betsy and little Nico.

Our social weekend wrapped up with a trip over the pass the next day for the the annual Fandango Festivities at the Linn Ranch in Victor ID.  We’d spent the day cleaning and errands settling in to Jackson life again.  After a pickup of Fried Chicken and Mac and Cheese, we were prepared for a night of music.

As hard as it was to peel ourselves away from the fried chicken, it was well worth it to finally meet little 6 week old Lucas, Sam and Mareike’s son, and reunite with our boat mates, Gretchen, Brad, BJ and Lisa. Between catching up and jumping up and down to Lazy Eyes’ tunes, Hot Yoga and blue grass Gin and Juice, it was a perfect night.


Free Fandango – Victor Stylin’




Victor Banana Belt Sunset


That night as Tim and I went to sleep in the free camping at Linn Ranch, we decided it was very good to be home. At least for a few weeks….


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