Stateside and Remembering

We arrived back to Phoenix to 109 degree temperatures and one computer short. In the transfer of bags from Barbados to Dallas, where we went through customs, Brad’s Macbook and camera had been stolen from his luggage. Unbelievable.

While American Airlines initially tried to escape responsibility (“Sorry, we don’t cover stolen electronics from luggage that has been solely within our possession”), we hope they do the right thing.

We got off the plane and the 6 of us, who’d spent the prior 25 days together, were about to separate. It was strange to say good bye. BJ and Lisa returned to Poppa Joe’s to pick up their puppy Shadow and then drive to California.

Gretchen, Brad, Tim and I went to dinner at 4 Peaks Brewery in Tempe (5 stars for tasty beer and food) and back to the hotel before heading to Prescott the next day.


Flags fly for Memorial Day


We arrived back to Dad and Lisa’s house the next day to find Frank safe and sound in the driveway. We said goodbye to Gretchen and Brad with lots of hugs and then drove into the hills to our favorite campsite on Copper Basin Road to catch up on work and start working on off some of our vacation rum drinks with big bike rides.


Celebrating Memorial Day with Colonel Wilmore


On Friday, Tim and I resurfaced and went to Dad and Lisa for Memorial Day Weekend festivities and to celebrate Dad’s 74th birthday.


Wrapping Dad's Present - the Wilshaw Newspaper Technique


Brett and Peg, Timmy, Brittany and Cypress joined us on Saturday for a full fledged celebration of Dad’s 74th. We spent the weekend with hanging with family, grilling, biking (Tim and I), birding (Peg and Brett), and boating. We also got to hear some poignant war stories from Dad’s experience in the Air Force. It was great to celebrate Memorial Day with our very own veteran.


Brett and Peg share some pictures


A perfect Prescott afternoon


Cy and Peg talk sharks


Dad shows Brett how it's done on the grill


Brittany on her new eReader


Timmy tussles with a vicious ant


Happy Birthday Dad!


No Candles left after that huff and puff!


Brett is our Memorial Day grillmeister


Dogs and Burgers - Memorial Day Feast


Sharing Memorial Day stories


No one was ready to go when Monday came, but we said good bye to the Tucson contingent and enjoyed a final quiet night with Dad and Lisa. Tuesday we packed up Frank and began our own journey north towards Jackson.


Goodbye comes too soon


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