It was 6 pm by the time Tim and I had driven the 270 miles north up I15 to Salt Lake.   We pulled into Jimmie and Keri’s driveway next to the Garage Mahal and were greeted by the birthday boy himself.  Jimmie had completed 41 trips around the sun and was ready to celebrate.


Birthday Boarding

He and Tim grabbed their longboards and skated to the Italian restaurant while Keri and I followed by foot beneath the darkening storm clouds.   We feasted on veal, salmon and piles of pasta.  Tim and I had lost a couple lbs from our earlier flu and this weekend we were destined to put it all back on and then some.  Charley and Amanda joined us midway through our meal and we had kicked back with wine and Bud Light (the restaurant’s only beer choice….we love SLC).

Stuffed, we walked across the street to Dick & Dixie’s for obligatory Birthday tequila shots.   By this time, the clouds had opened up and torrents of rain were flooding the streets.  The ladies opted for a car ride home, but Tim and Jimmie stuck with their original commitment and longboarded through 3 inch puddles to get back home.



The next morning, we got an early start.  It was Trish Hauschild’s graduation from the University of Utah Medical School and we knew there would be a fight for seats.  We arrived just in time to join Jimmy H, his mom Anne, sister Janice and brother Mike and nephew Nicholas for the festivities.  3 hours later it was official – a Dr. Hauschild was in the house.  Next up is a surgery residency at the U.   Our friend Jahan is also a new surgical resident, heading to Mass General.  We had a lot to celebrate.



We piled in the car and headed up to Park City for the party.  Somehow the amazing Trish managed to not only graduate, but then put together a huge spread for friends and family.  We ate and toasted and ate and toasted the new docs.

Stuffed…again, we returned to SLC.  Jimmie Shell had an early flight to Virginia the next morning so we finished the night with bike ride around the park (girls biking – towing Tim and Jimmie on their longboards) and a low key bonfire.


Happy Hauschilds

Sunday morning was the first pretty day we’d seen since arriving to Salt Lake on Friday.  We put on our Sunday best and drove Frank to the Grand America Hotel.  Jahan’s family was throwing a huge brunch graduation celebration and we were invited as honorary Hauschilds.   This Salt Lake institution knows how to put on a brunch.  Sushi, lamb, waffles, prime rib, omelets, crepes, crab, shrimp, ceviche were just a few selections on the incredible buffet menu.  Did I mention the 3 foot tall chocolate fondue fountain?

It was a joyous and filling feast.

After our enormous meal and hugs all around, Tim and I said goodbye.  After this whirlwind dining fest in Salt Lake, we were traveling  back down to Gooseberry Mesa on our way to Prescott, AZ.  Before pointing Frank back down I15, we checked in with friends Dirk and Nicole for a quick hello on our way out of town.  Then it was back on the road for another 270 miles and another celebration.

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