Record Setters

As we huddle in Frank on the Sunshine Key while 30 mph Northern winds blast above us, Tim and I reflect on the dubious records we’ve been a part of over the last 5 months.  Though our trip was designed to escape Wyoming Winter, we feel like we have a stormy stalker.

Beach Hut

The Palm Trees Blow

For the period between October-December, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia have set records for the most rain EVER since they began recording 115 years ago.   Our October-December was spent in…you guessed it: Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

This November alone was Virginia’s 2nd wettest in 115 years.  December was the wettest.  Yeah we were here then too.

Snow in S. Florida?

Snow in S. Fla? Miami Speculates

While we were in Miami, the coldest Orange Bowl ever was played.  Today the temperatures dropped to 35 degrees, coldest since 1970.

2096 Miles to Jackson Hole

Even in the Sunshine Key, Jackson Hole is Represented

Now we can’t really complain since our home of Jackson has been facing -20 degrees every night, but come on…we’d be ecstatic with even an AVERAGE low.  But all that being said, we’re grateful for what we’ve got, at 55 degrees we are warmer than just about everywhere else in the States.

Sunshine Key Sunset

Wintery Keys Sunset

We hope the chilly weather will break by Thursday and we’ll see 70 degrees for the first time since we’ve begun our trip. Meanwhile, we’ll turn the heater on and snuggle in for a wintery evening in the Keys.

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