We’re in Miami, B$@ch

Cruise Ships

Cruise Ship Parking Only

Tonight on our last night in South Beach, we reflect on the moments of this unusual but hilarious, chilly vacation.  Frank’s still in the shop and in the meantime we’ve traveled to South Beach Miami in a UHaul Cargo van for an unexpected 4 day detour from our stay in the Keys.  We all packed for traditional Southern Florida weather, so this week was all about adaptability as the temperature plunged to damp 30’s at night and brisk 50’s – 60’s during the day.

South Beach

Chilly South Beach

Here we share our highlights:


Bradshaw and Shell Reunited Again

Steelers Win!  And what a game it was.  The pregame tailgate was about 65% Steeler fans and their momentum carried the team.  Other than Green Bay, I am not sure you will ever see such a loyal fan base.  Even die-hard Miami fans had never seen their stadium taken over like they did on Sunday.

Fins Up

Landshark Panaroma


Steelers Victory

Delano Hotel.  Just 6 blocks down from our humble Carlton, towers the Delano, Madonna’s inspired South Beach icon.  We’ve all been to nice properties, but as Keri and I walked through filmy curtains to elbow out Georgio Armani models to get our 7$ Coronas at the bar, this was very very different.

Beach Paths and Palm Trees.  Even as Arctic winds blazed across the sand,  the beauty of this place shines through.  Tim and Jimmie were disappointed that the famed bathing bikini beauties stayed inside, but there was no doubt that the beaches, architecture and physiques of South Beach are incredible.

Sunrise South Beach

Miami Sunrise

Avatar in 3D.  Okay, this isn’t a Miami exclusive experience, but what an experience that movie is.   We donned our snazzy 3D glasses and sat back for the best use of a half billion dollars since the Bear Stearns bailout.  Obama only wishes his money went so far.   We all went to bed exhausted after feeling like we’d run miles through Pandora’s jungles.

Avatar 3D

3D Never Looked Better

Tomorrow, we’ll sadly drop Jimmie and Keri at the Miami Airport and then return to Homestead where Frank sits waiting for his new hubs.  Hopefully Friday we’ll be on the road again, we’ve had a great time in South Beach, but it will be good to be reunited with our home once more.

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