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Princess Louisa Inlet – August on Journey

With Gardens and Customs under our belt, it was time to do some sailing. Tuesday morning we started with Cowboy Omelet, pulled up anchor and motored out of Butchart. Next up was the port at Ganges where we’d stock up for our next few days in the remote Princess Louisa Inlet. We wouldn’t see a grocery for a week so it was time to shop.


Ganges – Home of Thrifty Mart and the best hardware store around


The two forms of transportation around these parts


Float Planes are like taxicabs


Once we had provisioned Journey, we got back underway.  Our next destination was Wallace Island to meet up with Allen and Wendy on Blue Fin.   A storm was brewing in the distance, which brought some brisk breezes and an amazing sunset.


Demeree sails towards a squall


The wind picked up and skies were black


But the sunset we arrived to on Wallace was spectacular


and kept getting better


On Wednesday we’d take our biggest sail yet, across the open waters of the Strait of Georgia – the waterway which separates Vancouver Island from mainland British Columbia.  We set out early in order to miss the high winds of the afternoon.  We motored cork-like across the choppy seas and finally reached the BC Coast after 3 hours.  We sailed protected waters East of Texada Island and the winds went from 10 mph to 20 mph.

Though we’d reached our destination, the perfect sailing weather was too good to pass up and we spent the next 2 hours close hauled to the wind with a heel of 30 degrees and testing how fast Journey could go.


Crossing the Straits of Georgia


That’s right 0 degrees is level, we are sailing now!


After our afternoon of sailing we tucked into Smuggler Cove, a beautiful hideaway.  Andy and Demeree toured the cove on their sea kayaks while Tim and I rowed the dinghy, exploring the lagoons.  After a dinner of curry, we rinsed our dishes off the back as the water glowed with phosphorescence.


Smuggler’s Cove with Allen and Wendy


Here Tim and I decided upon our Pirate names: Mr Tim and Barnacle Betty


Here Tim and I decided upon our Pirate names: Mr Tim and Barnacle Betty


The next morning we set sail for our final destination.  The remote Princess Louisa Inlet.  The day was spectacular and though the winds came and went, it was an amazing trip into this remote corner corner of the Pacific.


The Lay of the Land


Sailing up  Prince of Wales Reach


The Winds pick up


Maximizing the Wind with Wing on Wing


A  different perspective


Blue Fin in the distance


The Malibu Club guards the entrance of Princess Louisa Inlet – Once an exclusive resort, it is now a Christian Youth retreat.


Blue Fin poses


Journey takes her turn in front of the waterfall


Demeree on the front of Journey


This great shot is too good to not take advantage of


Malibu Rapids is the  very narrow entrance to the Inlet


Beautiful views!


Approaching Malibu Rapids


The Malibu Club with its guardian totem protect the Rapids


Inside the Inlet


Demeree takes a stand!


The head of the Inlet.  At the base is beautiful Chatterbox Falls with North America’s tallest falls cascading down the cliff on the left


Blue Fin anchored at the base of Chatterbox


Here we setup our anchored camp for the next 3 days. At the base of Chatterbox Falls, miles away from a town, road or cell tower, we were truly away from it all.

Canadian Blooms – August on Journey

Once we entered into Canada, we were off to Butchart Gardens.  There are only 4 moorings available in the Garden’s small harbor and we got there just in time.  We relaxed on the boat for lunch and then went to explore the enormous gardens

A Precious Butchart Mooring


A perfect picture of Demeree and the boats beyond


One of hundreds of fountains






Pistachio Goodness


Butchart’s Il Porcellino (Italian “piglet”) – rub his nose for good luck!


An Obligatory Self Portrait


And from the other side of the lens – thanks to Demeree


High Above


Plants of all shapes and sizes


You never know what you will find around each corner


A quiet moment




Yes it is as big as it looks


I mean come on, who isn’t going to have fun with a mirror ball


Serious studying the Roses…hmm


Now that’s more like it.




and fun


and more magic


Journey in the harbor


Even the dinghy ride is a great time with Andy and Demeree


Here Piggy Piggy Piggy

By Thursday, July 26th, we were on the road again up over Beartooth Pass towards Red Lodge. After a night of much needed showers and reenergizing at a campground outside of town, we went to Red Lodge, one of our favorite locales. This is a town rich with scenic views and authentic Montana character. We worked through the day in a downtown coffee shop and then were joined by Dan, Rebecca and Sam Staebler for much anticipated weekend festivities.


Welcome to Red Lodge


After dropping off their daughter Sidney at camp, the Staeblers came to town with sightseeing plans. The first must see? Bear Creek Saloon of course and weekly Pig Races. We sat down at 6 pm for steak and burgers (no pork on this menu) and then went outside to find good seats for the show. At 7 pm sharp the bets are placed and the pigs are off!


Bear Creek Saloon, Home of Montana’s only Pig Races. This parking lot will soon be packed.


And they’re off!


With 10 races each night, there is plenty of time to get to know the field. We all had our favorites and we placed our side bets accordingly.


Red is my personal favorite – he may not be the fastest pig in the pen but look at that personality


Even an evening shower didn’t dampen the crowd’s mood. It paid off with an extraordinary sunset and huge double rainbow.


The gold at the end of the rainbow


After the races, we popped the 2 Sportsmobile tops in the parking lot and settled in for the night beside the snoring swine.

Next morning, we were eager to get back to Red Lodge. Vintage cars had been roaring by and we wanted to get to town for the big Red Lodge car show. Detroit classics lined the streets and in this historic town, it was easy to imagine life 50 years ago.


Red Lodge is transformed to 1965


Sweet Carolina Blue Chevy


Cars cars and more cars. You didn’t need to be a motorhead to appreciate the wheels on the street.


Sam looks as cool as the car that he’s inspecting


Historic Yellowstone Touring Bus


Peace out


After our fill of the cars and town, the Bradshaws and Staeblers were ready to get back to camping. We hopped back in the vans and drove to Fishtail Montana, another prize stop on the sightseeing tour. On the way, we detoured to the Grizzly Bar in Roscoe for a world famous burger. We’d had huge breakfast so we split a single burger 5 way…which tells you something about the size of a Grizzly burger.

We then drove to Fishtail, a tiny town on the West Rosebud River. Founded in 1900, Fishtail is renowned for its General Store, with its inventory of housewares, organic local foods and ice cream cones.


The Fishtail General Store lures in customers with ice cream and local foods


The Staebler’s had found an awesome camp spot right on the creek and we settled in for an evening of good conversation, deviled eggs, fresh garden veggies, steak, tomato basil salad and margaritas.

Sunday, we checked out the famed General Store and then drove back up to Bozeman. Tim and I were on our way to Seattle so after loading up with zucchini, peas and lettuce from the Staebler’s garden, we kept heading West towards our sailing adventure.


In Like a Lion

March, Tim’s favorite month, is always a welcome arrival.  With March comes Basketball Madness, SXSW, birthdays, friends and St. Patty’s day.  There may be no better 31 days.  We started March with a final ride at our favorite AZ campsite at Old Pueblo north of Tucson.

After a reward of Mi Tierra margaritas and showers at the quirky Wishing Well RV Park in Catalina, we began the long drive east across the Texas plains.

Mary Lynn on High Point
The last blue sky ride before heading east


We arrived in Austin after a 3 day drive with stops in Las Cruces and Balmorhea Springs just in time to pick up Dan from the airport.

Austin hosts SXSW, a 2 week conference which brings together Interactive (geeky tech guys = Us)  + Movies (Hollywood independents sprinkled with a few A listers for star spotting potential) + Music (hip hop, heavy medal, techno and jazz  mixing in a single venue – you never know what your going to get).

The transformation of the city as each wave of the conference rolls through is worth ticket in itself.   50,000 diverse attendees combine knowledge, talent and ideas.  And the other great thing about SXSW?  Well that’s obvious: jalapeno bacon.


We wouldn't consider a trip to Austin without at least one purchase of the Jalapeno Bacon Value Pack.


The second Austin must do? Breakfast tacos.


and Torchy's are some of the best


But SXSW isn’t just about the music and food.   For the second year almost all of Alltrips comes to Texas in order to find out what’s going on in Tech trends.  This year may have been the most inspiring yet.

Highlights included :

  • Peter Diamandis who focuses on Abundance in today’s pessimistic world.  His results: The first privately funded space flight; a car that can go 180 miles to the gallon; a technique that can clean up oil spills 600% better than what was available at the beginning of the Gulf Oil Disaster.  His next goals: a handheld consumer device that can diagnose disease with the same accuracy as 12 board certified doctors, a water purifier the size of dorm room fridge that can purify sewage to the quality of medical grade H2O with minimal energy; air cleanup technology which can decrease carbon emissions by 80%.
  • Interactive mobile apps that will change how people do business by combining location, social and the world’s enormous database of all our preferences and desires.
  • Business development that focuses on not just today, but the next 100 years.
  • And of course, how to doodle!
After days of this kind of information flow, we met up each evening to share and brainstorm.  We started these meetups in town, but the awesome house that Carli had reserved turned into the ultimate place to unwind.
The Alltrips crew decompressing after South By


Don't Mess with Alltrips


After our 6 o’clock sessions, it was time to eat.  Barbeque Heaven never fails to disappoint with worldclass brisket and a mean Turkey Leg.   We also visited the famed Nuclear Taco stand, though for some of us, wisdom won over ego and many people didn’t partake.  I of course still needed to get a Nuclear Taco #3.

Some people never learn.


BBQ Heaven - Nice Leg!


Nuclear Taco Time


There is never enough Barbecue


The typical Austin plate - Art's Rib House


Red checkered table clothes, great company, live music in the background. Yum.


This year’s SXSW was also the year of Costume.    I am not sure what this guy was exactly dressed as.  But we all got inspired.  It started small with mustaches and cupcakes to celebrate Tim and BJ’s March birthdays.  But then we escalated….

Who is that guy anyway?

20120314-483-5 20120314-483-2 20120314-483


Hey Hey Cupcake


Then after dinner comes the nightlife.   Once the Tech winds down, the music kicks up.  While Tim and I took one night off for March Madness at Bikinis, we all explored the town for amazing music.   Friends, Amy and Bracken, also came down from Boulder, making it an even better week.


3000 venues still aren't enough. Bands play in the street.


The Octopus Project blew Tim and Dan away


For BJ’s Birthday, we went big…and wigged.  It also happens to be St. Patty’s Day so all of Austin celebrated with us.  From noon on, it was a buffet of music, followed by Pete’s East Side Bar, more music, a late night cap of Hop Daddy and then music ’till 2am.


Elvis Lives


Wigged and Green


Jack Sparrow arrives at Petes


Even in wigs, we blended in just fine in Austin on St. Patty's Day.


Happy Birthday BJ!


Feeling like a Rock Star


Captain Jack


Album Cover - Take 1


Album Cover - Take 2


Cervezarita - Margarita but oh so much better


Sunday arrived too soon.  We all loaded up in the van and headed to the airport for dropoffs.   Then Tim and I began the drive back to Arizona.  With March Madness on the radio, we covered the miles quick.  There was still lots left to enjoy in March.

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