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Crossing the Line – August on Journey

OK, I know that the blog is getting confusing as far as time due to some very delayed posting…BUT here is where we pick with August’s adventures!

Friday 8/3, we began our first full day in Seattle in downtown Ballard, getting the last of our work done before taking off sailing for the next 10 days.  While we worked away, the Blue Angels soared over the town practicing routines for the weekend’s SeaFair.  I did take some time out to watch aerial loopdeeloops and also stumbled across the best sandwich EVER.  Other Coast’s Ragin’ Cajun with spicy turkey, pepper jack cheese, red onions on incredible homemade bread.  It’s a must do in Seattle.

After our day’s work, we checked out Dutch Bikes – bicycle shop, bar and coffee shop.  While we sat on the sidewalk, enjoying a happy hour beer, the Cycle Saloon pedaled by.  There is just so much to love about Seattle.


That night we returned to the boat and got to finally meet our 2nd boatmate for the next 2 weeks, Andy’s girlfriend, Demeree. 1 hour of laughter later it was perfectly obvious that we were all going to get along beautifully.


Getting Journey ready to Sail


The next morning was spent with shopping and boat prep. We finally set sail around 3:00 pm and tacked our way up the Puget Sound towards Port Ludlow. We dropped anchor in the dark in a peaceful cove just in time for grilled salmon.


Racing the cruise ships out of the Sound


Amazing Mt Baker Views


Andy and I – sailing away


Hard to beat sunset on a boat


Headed North


Sunday we woke to no wind, so we motored towards Stewart Island in the San Juans.  I got a chance to do some driving of the boat which was the first stage of my improved sailing self confidence.


Seals keep an eye on us


Andy is in his element


Under motor ,Andy and Demeree fix some plumbing


Um excuse me…IS THAT WATER IN OUR BOAT!?!  Not to worry, the leak is quickly fixed


Blue Bird Sailing


Kayakers off of San Juan Island


Lunch Time


Motoring around San Juan


Lime Kiln


Lime Kiln Light House


When we arrived to Stewart Island, we rafted up with a fellow Catalina 42, Blue Fin – sailed by Wendy and Allen.  We also joined Dan and Billy and their incredibly gorgeous Taswell.  Their spectacular boat reset the standard by which we will judge all other sailboat.  We all gathered around, enjoyed a dinner of Pad Thai and relaxed during a beautiful sunset.  Wrap up with our theme desert, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, it’s good living.


Pad Thai at Sunset


The next morning, we were bound for Canada.  We were enroute to Sydney BC to check into customs.  A prime Bouchart Gardens mooring was our goal and we knew that we needed to arrive early for one of the coveted spaces.  While we were in customs, we got a chance to see the famed Janice of Wyoming Super Yacht.  This spectacular 130 foot boat was very impressive, even more so since it’s from our home state!


Stewart Island


Andy waits at Customs


Crossing the Bridge to Canada!


And they mean it


The Massive Janice of Wyoming


Wyoming Tribute


We know we’re in Canada now!




Lederhosen, Wienerschnitzel, Gesundheit

After a morning bike ride in Butte and a full work day followed by a night of driving west, we finally arrived to Coeur d’ Alene after midnight.  Our night’s sleep was too short and we promptly began the search for caffeine the next morning.  We discovered the fabulous Java on Sherman – our new favorite coffee shop.  With good food, Stumptown coffee and a great atmosphere, it was clear why it stayed packed with both locals and tourists all day.

After a productive day, we took a walk around Coeur d’Alene, which was in full swing with the summer season.  Everyone strolled around with ice cream in their bathing suits and it looked and felt just like a beach town.  We realized that we always stop at this vacation destination on our way to somewhere else.  Next time we’ll have to stay awhile.


Downtown Lake Views


Pirates of Coeur D’Alene


Glad to be here


Go Hydroplane Racing


The Lake is full of action


But today was not to be the day to stay, so we climbed back into Frank and kept driving.  4 hours later, we arrived at Leavenworth, WA.

Built in 1892, Leavenworth was a traditional bustling timber railroad town.  When the railroad relocated to nearby Wenatchee in the 1920’s, Leavenworth’s economy suffered severely.

In 1962, the city planners came up with a plan to revitalize the community and transformed the entire downtown into a Bavarian village.   Their plan succeeded and now the “Leavenworthians” channel Bavaria  from the tips of their Tyroleans to the toes of their Lederhosen.


Leavenworth WA – a taste of Bavaria in the Cascades


All buildings in Leavenworth are required to follow code.   Here there are no golden arches at McDonalds and no mermaid at Starbucks.  Mullioned windows and gabled roofs are required and the effect is surreal.  Combine this with some of the most enjoyable people we’d met to date and we were thoroughly charmed.  Our 8 hour stay turned into two days as we explored more of this unique place.


Mainstreet Leavenworth


Skiing and Mountain Climbing in surrounding hills lend to the town’s vibrant, active persona


And of course, just like in Germany, the beer is world class


The Sausage Garten – please eat safely


Typical Leavenworth Decoration


Flowers light up the town


From our quiche at Good Mood Food to appetizers at the Sausage Garten and burgers on the deck of Gustav’s, we enjoyed every gastronomic minute.   But by Thursday, we knew our Bavarian days were numbered and it was time to finish our trip towards Seattle.  We hit the road one last time and got to Seattle in time to meet up with Andy and sleep our first night his 42 foot Catalina named Journey.  This would be the first night of our amazing month and a half on the water.   It was good to be aboard!

Camping with the Cabradillas

When Tim and I come back to Jackson, there is no better way to spend a weekend then camping in the Gros Ventres.   Devoid of tourists, it’s a peaceful getaway when the Town Square is shoulder to shoulder with summer visitors.

This year Tim, Betsy and Nico Cabradilla  joined us for a June weekend of relaxation, good food, fishing and NO cell service.  Now that’s heaven.


Fishing for the Impossible Trout


We drove into the hills Friday afternoon to meet up with Tim and Bets who’d gone in the morning.  I dropped Tim B. off about 10 miles from our meet up spot so that he could fit in a bike ride.  As I drove the van in, I ran into Tim C. about 6 miles in.  We decided to switch locations since the creeks weren’t clear where we’d originally planned to camp.

I followed Tim C. into the hidden camp spot to find Betsy and little Nico waiting for us on a beautiful site right on Crystal Creek.  As we drove by, we passed 100 feet from a black bear who was leisurely rambling by right next to the Cabradilla’s trailer.  In all the excitement, it took me a few minutes to get back to the road to post the sign telling biking Tim B. that we’d moved.

As fate would have it, he of course sailed right by in that 90 second window.   With no cell service to communicate, it was 25 miles of riding later before we finally found Tim, searching each and every campsite along the Gros Ventre road.  We herded everyone together and headed back to camp for Pressure Cooker BBQ chicken, Bacon Maple beer and more than a few laughs.


Rogue’s Voodoo Doughnut Ale – Bacon Maple deliciousness


Saturday it was time to fish.  We drove further into Crystal Creek where Tim C. and Tim B. both caught some nice cutties.  The girls were skunked but that in no way hindered our good moods.  We returned back to camp to stalk the Impossible Trout buried in the trees and have general silliness around camp.


Big Girl Little Bike


Nico shows us all how it’s done


Tim C. wowed us all with yet another gourmet camp creation for dinner – pork schnitzel.  Much discussion was had on our dream of publishing a book and video series, “The Two Burner Cookbook – Leave the Hot Dogs at Home” (Title suggestions are welcome!)


Camp Chef Gourmet!


Sunday we packed up and returned to cell service to prepare for the the work week.  While Tim and Betsy returned to Jackson, Tim B. and I decided to set up camp at Gros Ventre Campground to clean up the van and get some more water.

We spent Sunday afternoon on a sweaty bike ride up Shadow Mountain, sharing recovery beers under the Tetons on the deck at Dornans and pedaling back to camp.  Once in camp we discovered that the site tenants before us had built a large heart out of stones displaying their initials.  We had to follow the tradition!


M + T


We’re Goin’ to Jackson

After 2 days of squatting in the Shwell home while shopping for furniture in Salt Lake City, we’ve turned north.  Frank is packed with tables and chairs bought for Tim’s apartment which we are transforming into a vacation rental.  Rugs, a bed, couch, TV, and lots of knickknacks are arriving today, just in time for the first renter tomorrow morning.

If we had no deadline, we would have been tempted to delay our trip home a few more weeks.  Salt Lake is 80 and beautiful.  Jackson is 50 and raining with no break in sight.   Not exactly the weather we’ve been seeking out this trip.  But as we drive up through a misty Snake River Canyon, we are already looking forward to seeing friends and enjoying the awesome Jackson summer (whenever it decides to begin).

To celebrate our arrival we are going to end this leg of our trip exactly as we began it.  Our first stop in town, before we even pull into our home parking lot, will be DOG – home to the US’s best breakfast burrito.  After 21000 miles, countless breakfasts in over a hundred towns, and many twists on the old burrito favorite, our opinion hasn’t changed.  Nobody beats the DOG Spicy Veggie.  It’s a warm welcome home.

The Tea Rose Diner and Anny’s Hot Sauce

Anny’s Hot Sauce, my very favorite homemade hot sauce, is replenished at one of Salt Lake’s finest and most reasonably priced (no entree over $11)  Thai restaurants, the Tea Rose Diner.  With its selection of over 100 teas, it’s delicious, spicy currys and Pad Thai, we love this place.

Anny's Hot Sauce!
I love my Anny's!